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Welcome to the Music Makers Webpage!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sharon Broome.  I have been teaching at Sunshine School since the fall of 2000. It is my 12th year of teaching music, and before that I taught Pre-K.  Each year just seems to get better, but last year will be pretty hard to beat!


This week in Music Makers:

G is for The Green Grass Grows All Around, Gray Squirrel, UMM AACCKK went the Little Green Frog, Going to the Pumpkin Farm, Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate,

and GUITARS.  In a couple of classes, we had time to listen to a little "Rhapsody in Blue" by George Gershwin.

We also practiced for our Thanksgiving program in the 3's class and older.

  The songs will came home for you to practice this week.  Be sure to check your folder.  They will also be on the website, if you should lose them or need them when you are away from home.

3's and Older--


 Check out the pictures by clicking on the links to the left.


 Bookmark this page and come back to it often to see what your child has been learning.

Mrs. Sharon 

MM 5 MM 9 MM 3

  Monday/ Wednesday will have classes every Monday.

        Tuesday/ Thursday will meet every Tuesday.

Classes vary by age, but this is so much more than just a class to give the children wiggle time.


                           In Music Makers:

MM 1

We play instruments.

We listen to and move to different types of music.

We learn about composers.

We have a letter theme each week that goes

along with the school curriculum.

We learn songs for fun.

We learn songs for learning letters.

We learn seasonal songs.

Two-year olds and older learn songs to perform in front of their peers and families.

More fun to come!


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